Friday, 12 February 2016

Client’s Guinot’s Hydradermie facial experience

Meet our client, a 20-something year old who has never before had a facial! We asked her to review the Guinot’s Hydradermie facial and here’s what she had to say about her experience:

How would you describe your skin type?
I would say I have combination skin usually, an oily t-zone but in the winter months, I can feel a change in my skin. It usually gets drier and I need to apply moisturiser more than once a day.

How did you find the facial itself?

My facial was carried out by one of the lovely Gem’s therapists and I thought the whole experience was wonderful and a great excuse to put my feet up and get pampered!

The therapist first cleansed and exfoliated my skin and then massaged my skin with two metal rollers and some gel. She told me, after the facial, that these metal rollers were electrotherapy and it was used to deep cleanse and oxygenate my skin. She also applied a sheet over my face, which further oxygenated my face and had anti-bacterial, which is great for tackling spots.

Could you tell a difference in your skin immediately?

I could immediately tell that my skin felt and looked noticeably fresher, firm & glowing!

Does your skin still feel different a couple of days after the treatment?

A couple of days after, my skin still felt just like it did straight after the treatment. It still felt soft, fresh and super moisturised, but not oily! Others even noticed the difference in my skin!

Would you come back again to have another Hydradermie facial?
Absolutely! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this not so well kept secret for so many years! When’s the next available appointment?!

The Hydradermie facial is one of most popular treatments at Gems. It’s a favourite, as is tackles many skin problems – spots, pigmentation, premature ageing etc and is great for many skin types – dry, oily skin, ageing skin. The electrotherapy facial is not a “surface” facial, as penetrates deep into the skin, instead of focusing on the first layer of skin like other facials may do. An all round amazing facial, which you will not be disappointed with!

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