Monday, 7 December 2015

Tips on how to take care of your eyelash extensions

It’s party season and with the Christmas work party coming up, the girls booking in nights out and New Year’s Eve plans are being finalised, its time to get prepped and pampered. Hair did, nails did, everything did, but ever thought of getting eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions enhance the length, thickness and fullness of your natural eyelash, so there’s no need for curling, mascara or applying fake lashes this season – which shaves off valuable minutes of your makeup routine, when you’re already an hour “fashionably” late!

Here are some top tips of how to look after your luscious new lashes:

1) Give your lashes a little TLC. Be careful when washing your face, and try to avoid water from the shower going directly on your eyes. Also take care not to rub your face with a towel too roughly and be cautious when removing eye makeup. Try to wipe across the eyelid and not downwards as this can weaken the extensions.

2) Give them a good comb, to prevent any criss-crossing or wonky lashes. Use a spoolie wand and place it on top of your lashes, at the root and brush over.

3) However amazed you are by your new lashes, try your hardest not to play with them. Eyelashes shed naturally, but playing with them will help push them off. If an extension looks out of place, avoid using your fingers to straighten it and use a spoolie instead!

4) Most of all have fun with your new lashes and enjoy all the compliments and questions of which mascara you use!

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