Monday, 20 June 2016

4 struggles of having tattoo regret

1 in 6 people who get inked, totally and completely regret doing it! Maybe mum was right that getting Robbie Williams’ signature tattooed on your arm wouldn’t be the pride & joy it once was when you were 18! These may seem all too familiar to you, if you too have tattoo regret:

1. Summer heat + long sleeves = a hot mess
It’s so not attractive when it’s 30 degrees outside, everyone’s in dresses, shorts and t-shirts but you’re at the BBQ in long sleeves, to cover up the dodgy artwork! A recipe for heatstroke & a seriously limited wardrobe!

2. Everyone will ask about it
We all love a conversation starter, but when that conversation starter is your ‘Girl Power’ Spice Girls tattoo, we would rather skip that totally cringe chat about how you got the tattoo when you were drunk on a girls’ holiday, thank you very much!

3. One tat, fits all
As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but how many fish are named Tim?!

4. Using bucket loads of foundation
There are no amounts of foundation and concealer that can cover up the dolphin tattoo for your job interview, but you think it’s a good idea and worth a shot, until you leave an orange streak across the desk as a nervous sweat breaks out!

HOWEVER, you don’t have to feel these struggles for much longer! Our tattoo laser remover treatment can remove any cringe-worthy tatt over a course of sessions, from just £39 per session!

Here’s how it works…
We use a laser called Q-switched ND YAG to remove the unwanted tattoo & you’ll usually be able to see a significant fading in 3 to 4 sessions, and a complete removal in 6-10 sessions. However, everyone and every tattoo are different, so we will advice you accordingly at your consultation.

If you’re interested please call our salon and our team will be happy to discuss your requirements > 020 8301 0040

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