Monday, 18 January 2016

3 Easy Skincare Tips For Men

For most men, skincare simply means washing your face with a bar of soap, rinsing with water and rushing out the door – are we right fellas? A healthy skin care regimen is just as important for men as it is women, however, the only problem is that most men don’t know how to look after their skin or even what skincare is.

However, it’s now time to step up your skincare game gentlemen:

1. Cleanse daily
Put the soap down! Ordinary soaps and shower gels are loaded with detergents and deodorisers, which can be too harsh and dehydrating for the skin. If you don’t cleanse your skin on a daily basis, the excess grime and oil could leave you with clogged pores and breakouts.

Invest in a facial cleanser and use this daily. Try Dermalogica’s ‘Clean Bar’, which is a perfect first cleanser for those who usually use a bar of soap. Despite looking like the familiar soap, this cleanser helps to exfoliate and soothe skin and is perfect for all skin types. You or your girlfriend/sister/mum/friend can pick this up from our salon.

2. Don’t shave against the grain
The number one mistake guys make when shaving! Most men shave against the direction of their hair growth to get a closer shave, but doing this irritates the skin and causes ingrown hairs. Shave in the direction that feels smooth and try to avoid going over areas more than once, as this will also irritate the skin.
 3. Beat the crows-feet
One of the first places we notice the signs of ageing is around the eyes. This is because the skin in this area lacks sweat and oil glands, making it prone to dehydration and therefore fine lines and wrinkles.

Pick up Guinot’s ‘Eye Gel Express Anti-fatigue’ for men, a hydrating eye cream that will help to hydrate, smooth and protect your skin.

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