Monday, 23 November 2015

First Time Tanning Tips

With the party season coming up, we know all you want to do is to get prepped and pampered; with your nails done, outfits sorted and maybe a spray tan to get that Christmas glow.

If you’re a newbie to the spray tan, firstly welcome – it’s a wonderful world where you will look like you’ve just hopped off the plane from a weekend away in Dubai, and secondly – don’t fret! Having a spray tan for the first time can be daunting but with these tips you’ll know what to expect. However, don’t worry if you can’t remember what to do, our expert therapists will remind you of all the crucial information beforehand!

1. Exfoliate before your appointment

Jump in the shower and exfoliate all over, before heading to come and see us. Exfoliating will make you tan more even.

2. Have a wax

Book in a waxing appointment before your spray tan, as the last thing you’ll want is a weird cross-hatching pattern on your legs!

3. Go bare-faced

It’s best to come makeup (and deodorant!) free, but don’t worry, if you forget, we can help you out with makeup wipes and cleaners. Makeup may act as a barrier to the spray tan formula.

4. Pick your outfit carefully

It’s best to wear loose, dark clothing when going for a spray tan, to avoid the tan rubbing off. Try and avoid things like tight ankle boots, but go for baggy jumpers etc.

5. Explain how dark you want to go

Let our therapists know how dark you want to go, to avoid a Ross Gellar situation! Show us a picture of a celeb or a picture of you on holiday. It also helps if you let us know the occasion your spray tan is for i.e if it’s for a winter, in which case you may want to go darker so it lasts longer, or if its for the office Christmas party etc.

6. You may smell a bit like biscuits

It’s not a bad smell, but if you don’t particularly want to smell like a McVitie’s digestive, spray your clothes with perfume and not your skin!

P.S. Don’t forget to book our Christmas packages, and get a spray tan with either your nails done, or eyelash extensions!

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